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We needed the one-on-one to address all the issues

29 Sep, 2014

We needed the one-on-one to address all the issues

September 29, 2014

My puppy Dakoda, I got him from the RSPCA and being the breed he is a Staffy/Cattle dog, he’s going to rule the roost if I don’t get on top of him at a young age.

I found your number in the Jimboomba Times and got you out here as a one-on-one trainer because I think that we needed the one on one to address all the issues. I haven’t had a puppy for 15 years so getting you out here was just fantastic. I ‘ve learnt a lot as well and with the DVD that I can refer back to is just priceless.

We’ve come leaps and bounds in just 3 days, he’s sitting and I’m also getting at least 5ft from a sit/stay on our 3rd day. Now I can even get him to wait while I put his food bowl down, I’m at the stage where I can move my hand away and won’t be long before I can stand up while he waits. I can get my hand in the bowl while he’s eating which is going to be fantastic for the grandkids. He comes when he is called, not always in a straight line but he always comes, the longest come he has done is about 20ft, he did deviate around the deck but he did still come. J

That’s the whole reason for the training as well, because of little kids and being such a people friendly boisterous dog when he gets older so I need to address it right now.

I highly recommend Sharon, I think you’re doing a brilliant job! Anyone who has puppies, get onto it and get onto Sharon.

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