Puppy Training Praise and Raves

Here are some comments from past clients, and their experience with Success Puppy Training…

You were recommended to us by our breeder

We wanted someone to provide good training for our new puppy and you were recommended to come out to us by our breeder “Cherie” from “Boldingold German Shepherd Kennels.”

We were very impressed with how quickly Zeus was able to pick up the methods that were used and I was quick surprised at how simple and easy they were to apply. I’m very impressed with how quickly he has picked it up in such a short time.

Zeus can sit, he can come, he’s walking on a lead and he’s stopped going in the garden and we’re still in the process of stopping him from biting but it’s working as well using the techniques.

I liked the one-on-one training in our own backyard. It made the training easier to follow in his own environment without the other distractions.

The DVD is very informative, a lot of information and it is good to have that to go back to and watch after the training as well just in case there was something we missed or needed to know again. It was good to see that on the DVD.

Nicole and ... Zeus September 29, 2014

I found your training techniques easy to follow

We have a 7 month old West Highland White Terrier. I came to you when our puppy was 8 weeks old for help to train him because I didn't want to have the same problems of disobedience that I had in the past with our other dog.

I found your training techniques easy to follow and very rewarding. I used a pen for our pup and it was the best thing I could have done. When I didn't have time to supervise him, he was safe and so was our furniture.

He is now a 7 month old, well trained, great little dog. He even goes outside with just one command. I think if I didn't use your training techniques I would have had a very snappy, uncontrollable dog as he is very head strong.

Thanks so much for all your help.

Sadie and ... Scooby September 29, 2022

This is the first time in my life I have had a well trained dog

I have had dogs all my life living in Africa but never once had a dog that would do what I asked. After meeting you, that changed. I bought your DVD and applied your training techniques to my new Rottweiler puppy "Diesel." Wow! This is the first time in my life I have had a well trained dog that does what I want and listens to me without me yelling.

I would never have believed that you could train a young pup to do so much if I didn't see it with my own eyes. Subsequently my bond with Diesel is so close, I love him more than any of my previous dogs.

Thanks you so much.

Shirley-Anne and ... Diesel September 29, 2022

Puppy Training with Success Puppy Training

He would not do as he was told

We have just had Sharon here with us. We had a problem with little Harley here, he would not do as he was told, nipping, biting, chewing things. We got Sharon to come out and since the first day he has been excellent, fixed up all his problems. He doesn’t nip, he doesn’t bite, so yeah in such a short period of time the difference from when we first got him till now has been excellent. So yeah, I highly recommend Sharon, she knows her business!

We also stopped Harley from biting my wife’s shoes. She couldn’t take her shoes off after work without Harley tearing into them. After the first day, Sharon showed us how to stop that and he hasn’t nipped or bitten them since. The chewing has stopped, he’s not chewing the handles on the doors and things like that anymore and yes even with his feeding as well, we had problems with that but those problems are gone basically.

He comes when he’s called, that was the other thing, he wouldn’t come but now he recognises his name which is good where before he didn’t. We are quite happy with the situation as it is now.

We watched the DVD, excellent DVD, very informative. It’s a good reference so if you can’t remember everything you can go back to the DVD and know exactly what to do. And it was very informative that DVD, so it’s given us quite a bite of information.

Vic, Sandra, Kristy and ... Harley September 23, 2014

We thought we might have to get rid of her

We brought Gemma about a month ago. The first 3 weeks were an absolute nightmare. She was jumping up on our 2 young toddlers and biting them and the little ones were very very scared. So it got to the point we felt like we were heamed into our house all day because Gemma was out there dominating the outdoor area. It was a little bit of a nightmare to the point where we thought we might have to get rid of her because it wasn’t going to work with the kids.

Anyway we called Sharon and she came around probably 4 days later. By the first day Gemma wasn’t jumping anymore which was beautiful, she was sitting when we brought her food out and coming to us when we called her which was a huge one because we do live on 3 acres, so getting control of her in that way was a really big deal.

She is now beautiful with the kids, it’s made a huge difference to our family life and now the kids are really enjoying having her around. She is not jumping and scratching their faces any more which was a real concern of ours. She has just become a nice addition to our family.

We are really thankful to Sharon for actually achieving that with us and it’s being a really nice smooth transition and very very easy, very approachable lady so it’s been fantastic!

The DVD is great in regards to new things coming up as she gets older. It’s nice to know that we have that DVD to refer back to. If there is anything else the kids want to train her to do, that’s all taken care of on the DVD. As she gets a little bit older and different things come up, it’s nice to have that reference instead of having to call Sharon out again. Yeah, the DVD is fantastic!

Alice and ... Gemma September 29, 2022

You were the only one who could actually come to his environment

When we decided to get a dog trainer to help us with our 8 week old puppy, our family wanted to know why?

We said, “because we want to have a dog that is obedient and obeys what we have to say and is well mannered around other people. So when family and friends come around he is not jumping up and biting them and kids are welcome to come in and around and we feel safe when they are around him. And that’s pretty much all we wanted, for him to be obedient and trustworthy.

When we called you, you were the only one who could actually come to his environment at home and we wanted you to be able to see his habits and help us get him out of those bad habits here which were digging at the fence lines, chewing on the outdoor cushions and barging through the back door whenever it was opened. We wanted you to see firsthand what was happening and it was one on one attention, not an actual dog school where there is one trainer and 5 dogs for instance.

Nitro at 8 weeks old can now sit, he comes when you say come, he can drop, he walks on the lead, he doesn’t dig at the fence any more, he is less bitey at our ankles and toward our faces, he doesn’t jump up any more unless you are crouched down and he comes up for a cuddle and he is waiting at the door even when it is open until he is invited inside and that was all done in three days! So we are really impressed and really happy.

Todd, Bonny and ... Nitro September 29, 2022

Dog obedience didn’t work, so we called Sharon

We had a 4 month old Border Collie puppy with a few problems. We went to dog obedience and found it didn’t work. We needed one on one training so contacted Sharon.

The problems we were having with our pup were: Beau kept jumping up on people, wanted to be inside all the time and wouldn’t go in his crate at night time and wouldn’t come when called.

Sharon came and helped us correct all our problems and we are very happy with the service. Our dog now stays outside, he doesn’t jump up on people and he comes to us so we would recommend Sharon to anybody.

Sharon gave us the DVD which we watched and we thought it was excellent, we have it as a keep sake to go back to and watch again if we do have any further problems. So the DVD was very good!

Paul, Diane and ... Beau September 29, 2014

It was just truly amazing to watch

Hi, my name is Catherine and my pup is 9 weeks old. I didn’t want him biting, scratching or jumping as we have a young daughter and another dog. I wanted them to all get along well and be obedient and not cause any damage or chew or do things that they weren’t supposed to do.

So I called Sharon because a friend recommended her and I’m so glad I did. After the first session I was truly amazed at how much my pup wanted to learn and how much he did learn after just a couple of hours. The second and third day, it was just truly amazing to watch, to see that he wants to learn and wants to please you.

Diesel can now sit, stay, come, walk on a lead, he’s also learning to shake hands and he doesn’t jump on the back screen door at all anymore. This is pretty amazing I think as he is now only 10 weeks old.

Regarding the DVD, I would recommend the DVD in conjunction with the one-on-one training because it re-enforces everything that you’ve learnt and you can refer back to it at any stage.

I think the whole thing is completely worth it and I think Sharon has got some amazing experience to share with anybody who’s looking to buy a puppy or bring a puppy home.

Catherine and ... Diesel September 29, 2022

You were very helpful

The reason I called Sharon was I needed someone to help me train my puppy. The most important thing was “toilet training” and other things like “come and sit and lead training” which I didn’t have a clue about.

About the DVD, I watched both disc’s and it was very helpful, very useful information and helped me a lot. It gave me a good idea of how to look after my puppy from now until she becomes an adult.

It was very helpful, you were very helpful and you taught me a lot of things which I am very grateful for. Thank you!

Arishma and ... Aerial September 29, 2014

He seems to be a happier dog as well

Before we called Sharon we had a little Staffy pup about 4 months old but he was quite unruly. He decided that he was going to rule the outside area. He was jumping and scratching the children and hurting them, he was eating the other dogs’ food, he wouldn’t sit, he wouldn’t come, he was chewing everything in sight and basically he was becoming more of a nuisance than part of the family like we wanted.

So we called Sharon to try and get some help and after 3 intensive days of training with him he now sits, comes, waits for a command to eat his food, does not jump on any of the children, he seems to be a much happier dog as well, he’s not as submissive and he no longer rules the patio, we rule the patio again which is great.

I would recommend Sharon’s services to anyone who needs to learn dog obedience, it was very effective!

Rod, Lyn and ... Nugget September 29, 2014

I wanted some extra tips in raising puppies

My husband saw your ad in the local paper and said, “why don’t you try her and see how she goes.” So I did, I called Sharon to do puppy training with me and my puppy even though I sort of knew what to do. I am fairly experienced with my own dogs but I wanted some extra tips in raising puppies. I take a lot of notice of what they do and shouldn’t do and I just wanted to make sure I was correcting him properly and was on the right track.

I have been very happy, I found out I knew more than I thought I did. It’s really training me to train the puppy. We achieved what I set out to achieve and Monty was really helpful as he learnt really quickly which I found out is normal for a pup of this age.

I would recommend the DVD as it covers a lot of things. The things that you learn you can go back and watch again so you remember them. I would even recommend the DVD if Sharon didn’t come out. The instructions are easy to follow!

Caroline and ... Monty September 29, 2022

I was a bit dubious to start

Hi my name is Susan and I got Sharon in 3 days ago to help me control my 5 ½ month old puppy.

I was a bit dubious to start with because I couldn’t understand or couldn’t see how a dog could be trained in 3 days. So far my puppy has mastered sit, definitely mastered come and we are working on sit/stay.

My dog is happier, the cats are happier and she is actually responding really really well. She’s calm, collected and she doesn’t race down the back yard every time the dog next door decides to bark which is an even bigger positive.

To be quite honest I haven’t watched the DVD but I have a funny feeling that it is going to re-enforce everything that I have actually learnt in the last 3 days.

To say I am happy is an understatement so thanks Sharon, it’s brilliant.

Susan and ... Honey September 29, 2022

Sharon worked around my schedule

I just want to say Thank You to Sharon from Success Puppy Training for the way she helped me train our new puppy (Gracey).

With my strange shifts at work, Sharon worked around my work and we were able to train Gracey within a week of my initial phone call.

Sharon arrived to my place on time and we spoke about what I want out of the puppy training and then away we went. Gracey was 10 weeks old when we started training and in 3 days she was coming when called, sitting when asked and semi-staying on the command stay. It took 1 week for Gracey to learn the word STAY when commanded to Stay, it was fantastic. I was so pleased with Sharon's way of training that I now recommend her to anyone I know with a new puppy. Sharon also helped me with my 1 year old Kelpie Cross (Lilly) who had a few issues with not walking on a lead and not coming when called, by the end of day 3 Lilly was confidently walking beside me on a lead and coming when I called her.

Sharon also left me with a copy of her training video which my daughter and I watched together after the training sessions. The video is very informative and it simply confirms everything that was taught the days of training. Thank You once again Sharon, you have helped me in a huge way with getting our dogs(puppies) to a very obedient and loving nature which is very important to us.

Mandi and ... Gracey September 29, 2022

We needed the one-on-one to address all the issues

My puppy Dakoda, I got him from the RSPCA and being the breed he is a Staffy/Cattle dog, he’s going to rule the roost if I don’t get on top of him at a young age.

I found your number in the Jimboomba Times and got you out here as a one-on-one trainer because I think that we needed the one on one to address all the issues. I haven’t had a puppy for 15 years so getting you out here was just fantastic. I ‘ve learnt a lot as well and with the DVD that I can refer back to is just priceless.

We’ve come leaps and bounds in just 3 days, he’s sitting and I’m also getting at least 5ft from a sit/stay on our 3rd day. Now I can even get him to wait while I put his food bowl down, I’m at the stage where I can move my hand away and won’t be long before I can stand up while he waits. I can get my hand in the bowl while he’s eating which is going to be fantastic for the grandkids. He comes when he is called, not always in a straight line but he always comes, the longest come he has done is about 20ft, he did deviate around the deck but he did still come. J

That’s the whole reason for the training as well, because of little kids and being such a people friendly boisterous dog when he gets older so I need to address it right now.

I highly recommend Sharon, I think you’re doing a brilliant job! Anyone who has puppies, get onto it and get onto Sharon.

Maria and ... Dakoda September 29, 2014

He was really disobedient

We bought a new puppy named Zorco and he was really disobedient so Mum and Dad called Sharon from Success Puppy Training to help train Zorco to be a better puppy.

And now we can take him for walks in the park without him running off (he will still run off but we can call him back), he won’t jump on the couch and chew things, and he definitely won’t jump on us, he can drop, sit, come, walk on a lead and wait for his dinner (we can put the food down and he waits for the command to eat before he eats).

How long did it take for Zorco to learn all of that? About 2 days! And now he won’t chew on the chairs, chew on anything he is not supposed to and he won’t jump on people.

The DVD gives you lots of good information and tells you what to buy for the puppy, how to train the puppy and it also gives you good insight and knowledge (out of the mouths of babes) for instance, dogs don’t have any logic so they can’t figure things out for themselves so you need to teach them what you mean.

Would you buy the DVD? Yes, it gives you lots of brain juice, it gives you smarticle particles! (Again, out of the mouths of babes).

The Alford Family and ... Zorco September 29, 2022

I have a well behaved puppy now!

I called Sharon because I had issues with my dog, she was misbehaving, she would not return to me, she was taking off and being a proper little ratbag. I couldn’t let her outside without a lead at all. It’s was a huge problem!

I called Sharon because she has a lot to do with puppies and I have a 6 months old pup and I wanted someone professional that could deal with puppies.

I have a well behaved puppy now!

I can walk casually outside with her now off lead, I couldn’t walk her before, she would take off. She wouldn’t return, she wouldn’t listen to one word I had to say, where now, we can both walk and enjoy our walk together and spend that time together. It’s very enjoyable!.

Stephanie and ... Bella September 29, 2022

The best thing we did!

Getting Sharon out was the best thing we did for our 3 month old Great Dane puppy.

Our 4 year old son was getting knocked about, belongings were getting chewed and he was urinating where ever he wanted in our home. I guess that is normal for a puppy but I really needed it to stop.

Sharon helped us train William so he would stop chewing and showed us how to calm him down around our son. William hasn’t urinated in the house since.

Glen, Leonie and ... William September 29, 2022

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Since Sharon came all the problems have been fixed

We had a new puppy and we wanted to make sure she was trained and would do what we wanted her to do.

Before Sharon came she was digging, not coming when she was called, jumping up on people all the time, chewing things, eating plants, taking thongs, jumping up on the furniture and weeing inside. Since Sharon came all the problems have been fixed. There are a just couple of things we are still working on but they are things that do take time. We are just really really happy with the way she has progressed in such a short time.

We are just amazed in the change in our dog. From Friday to Monday she is just so totally different. We’ve got a dog that is enjoyable now! We’ve gone from yelling and screaming and being continuously stressed or annoyed with her to her now being enjoyable and so good. The stress is gone!

We would definitely recommend the DVD. A lot of the points on the DVD Sharon had run through with us but it is a good thing to sit there and be able to watch it and go through it, so we’ve got it there at all times to refresh and go over anything that we may need to check on again.

Alan, Simone and ... Indy September 29, 2014

We are very, very happy!

Initially when we got Bonnie, we were thinking of doing the puppy school and puppy training and when I had a look at that the hard thing was going for 6 weeks on Saturday mornings, how are we going to commit that time and for all of us to be there.

So when I had a look on your website, the first thing that struck me was “success training in 3 days with a backup DVD” and I went well 3 days whether we are all there or not we’ve got the DVD to back us up. So with a family of 4 if one of us is away we can say, well this is what Sharon told us today and we could go over it with the one who was away.

The other thing was, not having to go out to a puppy school with other distractions I guess, I wanted one on one training which is what Sharon gave us and “It Works!” That’s the brilliant thing, it just works.

What can Bonnie do now? Well at 9 weeks of age, she can sit on command, she’s learning to drop and can walk on the leash, she comes flat out on one command, she’s so much calmer and much more of a pleasure to have around. When you said 3 days, you were right, that’s all it took and I even find myself now saying the words as we’re going through the motions like “sit, come, drop, outside” so they have been instilled in us as well as Bonnie.

And I think doing the 3 days and knowing that you’re coming back the next day, I didn’t have the whole week to think about do I or don’t I have enough time to practice dog training tonight, I had to do it because you were coming back the next day. It was good. We are very, very happy!

I loved the DVD, it just instilled everything that you’d spoken about one on one. Initially I was just going to go for the DVD, but when I saw that you were literary just down the road, I thought “bonus” we can have the one on one which I thought was 100%.

Sandy and ... Bonnie September 29, 2014

Very pleased with end result

I called Sharon because we got a little 8 week old puppy and with 2 young children I was a little worried and wanted to have an obedient dog.

In 3 days we have been able to achieve sit on 1 command, come on 1 command, also Patches an walk around on lead without any hassle.

The DVD is very informative and I find it helps just to refresh your mind when you forget what to do or even just for tips if you want to teach your children as well. I found the information quite surprising sometimes especially just know “how a dog learns” in that they don’t have complex logic.

I am very pleased with the end result and I will continue on watching the DVD if I get stuck as he gets older. Thank you Sharon.

Grace and ... Patches September 29, 2022