Sharon MILLS – Dog Behaviour Specialist

Sharon Mills Australia's Best Puppy Trainer

I am a specialist in Puppy Training!

Understanding the various stages of a pups development and how to train them is my forte.

Sharon MILLS / Puppy Trainer, Dog Behaviour Specialist

Who is Sharon Mills?

Better known as Australia’s #1 Puppy Training Specialist

Sharon Mills is a Dog Behavioural Specialist and the Founder and CEO of
Success Puppy Training.

Sharon’s background within the Puppy Training industry spans more than 28
years, including owning a German Shepherd dog breeding kennel for 21 years.
It was during her years as a dog breeder that she identified a need for a
specialist in puppy training to support new owners. She said, “it became
apparent that the majority of new owners didn’t know what to do when they
took their new puppy home.” She has made it her life mission to educate
people on the Canine Mind and how it works.

Sharon has a unique way of simplifying complex psychology mumbo jumbo, so
each family member can understand How to Speak their Dogs Language when
training their puppy, so their puppy understands what they mean.

Sharon not only travels to people’s homes to do one on one training with
them, but her products have travelled far and wide. Her signature product
“Train Your Puppy in Just 3 Days” DVD is now found in 4 different countries!
Breeders of all different breeds now recommend and sell a copy of the DVD
with each one of their puppy’s, so the new owner can get off to the best start
with their new “best friend.”

Her love for training dogs always continues to grow. She has studied Dog
Training and basic Dog Psychology, as well as the Critical Stages of a puppy’s
developments from birth onwards. Understanding the various stages of a pup’s
developments and how to train them is her forte.

She is a Specialist in Puppy Training!

Puppy Training DVD

I have also produced a DVD for successful puppy training that really is a TOTAL PUPPY TRAINING SYSTEM – and will work every time with every puppy. You can buy the Success Puppy Training DVD here or read what others have said about the DVD after trying out the puppy training techniques on their puppies.

In the DVD we cover the following topics:

  • the canine mind and how it works – without even a simple knowledge of how the canine mind works, you will not know how to train your puppy or when to train your puppy.
  • training – all the basics such as toilet training, sit, sit and wait, come, drop, lead training, biting, manners, health plus much more.
  • common doggy questions – such as “why are some dogs scared of storms” and “why are some dogs scared of their humans” etc.

The PUPPY TRAINING DVD will last your lifetime and every puppy during it!Works Every Time. With Every Puppy.