Sharon MILLS – Dog Behaviour Specialist

Sharon Mills Australia's Best Puppy Trainer

I am a specialist in Puppy Training!

Understanding the various stages of a pups development and how to train them is my forte.

Sharon MILLS / Puppy Trainer

Dog Behaviour Specialist

Success Puppy Training is owned by me (Sharon Mills) a dog behaviour specialist with 20+ years of puppy obedience training and helping people house train their puppy in their own home.

Puppy Training Experience
  • Trained dogs in obedience from my teenage years on
  • 27 years training and raising pups from birth
  • 27 years of helping people train puppies from 8 weeks onward
  • Started the initial training of nearly 450 puppies to date.

I have lived with dogs as part of my life since I was 6 weeks old. My love for training dogs started at a very early age after watching my father train our families dogs (German Shepherds) to a very high competition level in obedience and tracking. I used to practice training Dad’s dogs and then in my teenage years took over the training of his last dog Khan.

My love for training dogs always continues to grow. I have studied dog training and basic dog psychology, as well as the critical stages of a puppies development from birth onwards – it was not long before I was very competent at raising puppies. Training the puppies soon became a passion and training their owners quickly followed. Understanding the various stages of a pups development and how to train them is my forte. I am a specialist in Puppy Training!

Puppy Training DVD

I have also produced a DVD for successful puppy training that really is a TOTAL PUPPY TRAINING SYSTEM – and will work every time with every puppy. You can buy the Success Puppy Training DVD here or read what others have said about the DVD after trying out the puppy training techniques on their puppies.

In the DVD we cover the following topics:

  • the canine mind and how it works – without even a simple knowledge of how the canine mind works, you will not know how to train your puppy or when to train your puppy.
  • training – all the basics such as toilet training, sit, sit and wait, come, drop, lead training, biting, manners, health plus much more.
  • common doggy questions – such as “why are some dogs scared of storms” and “why are some dogs scared of their humans” etc.

The PUPPY TRAINING DVD will last your lifetime and every puppy during it!Works Every Time. With Every Puppy.