Puppy Training 4-7 months

“Honey, can you check on the puppy, he’s starting to get into everything and be really naughty!”

GOOD NEWS! It’s easy to have a well behaved pup, all he needs is a little tweaking!

Puppy training 4–7 months aged pups should start now as they already have a fully developed adult brain. They are getting more adventurous and don’t want to come back when they are called, they are starting to ignore their owners – a lot. Things that were cute when they were little are no longer cute and in fact are quite destructive and very naughty. It’s now you wonder why you ever thought it was a good idea to get another pup.

You can have a super dog if you want to!

If you started your puppy obedience training in the previous age group (8-16 weeks) you only need to do some tweaking and you are quite quickly through this stage.

If you didn’t, you need to start your puppy training now! It only gets worse the longer you leave it. While they do grow out of some things, other things like getting through the fence, jumping on you, wrecking the back screen door, barking, digging holes, chasing the chooks/horses, running away etc, only gets worse without training.

Good news!

Your puppy is very trainable at this age. When you understand how to train a puppy the transformation is quicker and easier than you think. You do not need to spend hour upon hour and week upon week training, we will incorporate the training into your everyday life. It’s fun, it’s easy and it works!

Your puppy is still very trainable at this age!

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Whatever you taught them in the 8 – 16 week age group remains with them for life, good and bad! If you taught them well, the results will show, if you didn’t, the results will show.

Around the 4-5 month age pups get quite naughty (cheeky), they have worked you out by now and know how to get around you and they begin to ignore your instructions. At first it can seem funny but it soon wears thin. When you call “come” they look at you, they look back at what they were doing and then keep doing what they were doing as if you hadn’t even spoken. It is now that you really need to know what to do otherwise this behaviour just gets worse!

It might be that they were chewing on a thong (jandal, flip flop), see you coming and they’re off, thong in mouth. What are you going to do? You can’t chase them, that only makes it worse and chasing them to get the thong back doesn’t teach them Not to chew on the thong and hitting them with the thong when you finally catch them doesn’t work either, does it?


You love your dogs, there’s no doubt about that. You just wanted your puppy to be a puppy and do what normal little puppies do. You’ll do some training along the way, but now he’s starting to get just a bit too naughty and you’re not quite sure how to handle it.

You don’t want a badly behaved dog so you call at this stage to get help with training! Awesome, don’t wait any longer, this is the 2nd best time to train your pup!