Puppy Training 7-12 months

“That’s the last straw, get this dog trained or get rid of him! He’s wrecked everything Tom, I’ve had enough!”

Turn this situation around and have the dog you always wanted!

Is your pup still trainable at this age?

Yes! Of course he is. It is harder than the other age groups but again if you started your training early 8-16 weeks then you only have some tweaking to do. If you didn’t do much training earlier then it will be harder, because your pup already has some negative learnt behaviours and so do you. We have to not only re-educate your puppy in some areas, but we also have to re-educate you. You see the only reason your puppy ended up with some bad behaviour in some areas is because you didn’t quite understand how to correct him when he did the things you didn’t want him to do. So you both need to be taught the do’s and do not’s. It is as easy as it sounds!

Does re-educating an older pup work?

Yes, but re-educating is always harder than educating. You may have done a good job with your pup in most areas but in some areas you didn’t. You can go back and fix that but, just remember, when your dog is confused about that thing he will return to his first learning. That is the most frustrating thing with re-education. Re-education works 19 ½ times out of 20 but occasionally your pup will revert back to jumping on you or not coming when you call or whatever it was that he used to do. You don’t give up when he makes a mistake, you keep training.

Good news!

Your puppy is very trainable at this age. When you understand how to train a puppy the transformation is quicker than you think and easier than you think. You do not need to spend hour upon hour and week upon week training, we will incorporate the training into your everyday life.

When you learn the basics about “how a dog learns” (they are different from us) you will be on your way to having the dog you always wanted.

Re-educating an older pup does work!

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They do not have logical behaviour, they have learnt behaviour. They are not as willing to please you at this age so from that point of view the training is a bit harder. They already know a lot of things about you, they know when to run away, when it’s safe to come close, your cranky voice, your cranky walk, your good voice, your good posture. They know what they can get away with with you and what they can’t.

People with puppies of this age group generally fall into 2 main groups:

Group 1: The first group are the people who have done training and only need to tweak and finish off this last stage. They might have gone to puppy school and did the basics and as time has gone on they either haven’t kept it up or the puppy class didn’t cover the issues that they are having now. They persevered as different problems arose but realised they needed more knowledge to keep going. They call and book training at this stage.

Group 2: The other group of people didn’t give much thought to training at all. They thought that if they love their puppy and give it a good home he will turn out well trained and everything will be okay. These people get advice from friends on dog training, but their advice is ineffective. These people generally wait until they are at their wits end before they call. They give the pup enough time to change, to grow out of it. These people call when all else has failed. That’s okay, I’m glad you called, help is at hand.