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Owning a Puppy and Training a Puppy MUST Go Hand in Hand

Making money as an affiliate is a snap. Just place one of our banners or links on your website where your customers will see it and you’ll earn cash on every sale made through your link.

You are not limited to just your website either. You may choose to place ads on other high traffic related websites as well to earn even more money.


Frequently Asked Question’s

What’s An Affiliate Program?
An affiliate, associate or referral program is basically a revenue-sharing agreement between a person with a product (me) and a person who knows others who could benefit from the product (you).  It’s a win-win situation for both of us.  We both make money on a sale that might not have happened without your help.

How Can I Make Money?
When you join the affiliate program, you’ll automatically get a special link that you’ll use to send visitors to my site. Your unique affiliate number will be embedded in that link so I know the visitor came from you. When they buy one of my products, you get a commission.

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to banners and other graphics you can use to promote Success Puppy Training.

I want you to succeed so from time to time I will also send you some video emails (emails with video in them) on upselling a training package (DVD) with every puppy sold for those of you who are breeders. I will share with you techniques that have worked for me in regards to selling and squashing the objection.

Where Do I Sign Up?
Just click here, and you’ll be walked through everything you need to know. You can be making money before you go to bed tonight!

Who Qualifies As An Affiliate?
Anyone can be an affiliate as long as you promote my products in an ethical and lawful manner.

In other words, don’t misrepresent my products or promote my products using bulk email methods (spam) or via websites with offensive content.

Who Wants these Products?
Do you know someone with a puppy? Of course you do. Have they trained their pup or do they know how to effectively train a puppy and get results in just 3 days? If not then they NEED this product.

You see, the main reason people get rid of their dogs as they get older (purebred and part bred) is because the owner has done little to no training with it and now the grown pup is out of control. They can’t cope with the dog any longer and pass it on to someone else who in turn can’t cope with it and pass it on.

But have they trained their pup or do they know how to effectively, this could’ve been avoided and the family would be enjoying their dog right into old age.

How Old Does the Puppy Have to be For These Products to Work?
As young as 8 weeks of age!

How Do I Get Paid?
You will get paid via PayPal at the end of every month. There are no minimums to reach, although the more you sell, the more cash you get paid.

What do I do if I Have Lost My Affiliate Password?
Use the retrieval link to request a new password.

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