Puppy Training 8-16 weeks

“Ooch! Mum! the puppy is still biting us really hard, we don’t like him anymore, he hurts us too much!”

Bad puppy behaviour? – In 3 days you can have a transformed puppy GUARANTEED!

Pups in this age group 8 – 16 weeks do lots of things that are no longer acceptable such as toileting in the house, jumping up, biting, not coming when called, digging holes, digging under the fence, chewing the legs of furniture, chase the cat etc. There is a lot for them to learn and a lot for you to teach them. But it is not hard, it is easy when you know how.

When you learn “how to speak the pups language” and correct him in a manner he will understand, it can be all over in a matter of 1 or 2 days. Many people put up with bad puppy behaviour mostly because they don’t know how to correct it. They will resort to hitting the pup but the pup does not understand “hitting” because it’s mother did not hit him.

What you will achieve in 3 days!

This is the ideal time for puppy obedience training. This is the age where your puppy is so willing to please you so utilize this time to train them in the things you want them to know such as – come on one command, sit on one command, drop, lay down, on your mat, go outside, walk on a lead, if you don’t like your pup jumping on you or the kids, we will teach him not to. Sit and wait (stay) comes after that.

The thing is you need to teach your puppy right from wrong, what you will allow him to do and what you won’t allow him to do. You can’t just expect your pup to know or to think that he will grow out of it, he won’t. The problems just get bigger and worse and harder to fix!

Now is the ideal time to train your puppy!

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Puppies in this age group 8 – 16 weeks are the most trainable of all the ages. This is when they are most willing to please you so utilize this time to do your training. See Super Dogs are Made Not Born for full details about this age group.

People with puppies of this age group generally fall into 2 main groups:

Group 1: are the people who when they first get their pup call straight away and book training. (In fact, some of these people call prior to getting their pup and book in.) The pup is only 8 weeks old and they have already phoned and booked, they and their pup are ready to learn. They want to be prepared for the things the puppy is doing now and for the things that will come up in the coming weeks.

Group 2: are the people who wait a couple of weeks and when things start to go wrong call then. That’s alright, they are still well within the “most trainable age” the age between 8 and 16 weeks. They realise by 11 or 12 weeks of age that training needs to start otherwise they are going to have a very naughty puppy on their hands.