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We are very, very happy!

29 Sep, 2014

We are very, very happy!

September 29, 2014

Initially when we got Bonnie, we were thinking of doing the puppy school and puppy training and when I had a look at that the hard thing was going for 6 weeks on Saturday mornings, how are we going to commit that time and for all of us to be there.

So when I had a look on your website, the first thing that struck me was “success training in 3 days with a backup DVD” and I went well 3 days whether we are all there or not we’ve got the DVD to back us up. So with a family of 4 if one of us is away we can say, well this is what Sharon told us today and we could go over it with the one who was away.

The other thing was, not having to go out to a puppy school with other distractions I guess, I wanted one on one training which is what Sharon gave us and “It Works!” That’s the brilliant thing, it just works.

What can Bonnie do now? Well at 9 weeks of age, she can sit on command, she’s learning to drop and can walk on the leash, she comes flat out on one command, she’s so much calmer and much more of a pleasure to have around. When you said 3 days, you were right, that’s all it took and I even find myself now saying the words as we’re going through the motions like “sit, come, drop, outside” so they have been instilled in us as well as Bonnie.

And I think doing the 3 days and knowing that you’re coming back the next day, I didn’t have the whole week to think about do I or don’t I have enough time to practice dog training tonight, I had to do it because you were coming back the next day. It was good. We are very, very happy!

I loved the DVD, it just instilled everything that you’d spoken about one on one. Initially I was just going to go for the DVD, but when I saw that you were literary just down the road, I thought “bonus” we can have the one on one which I thought was 100%.

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