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We thought we might have to get rid of her

29 Sep, 2022

We thought we might have to get rid of her

September 29, 2022

We brought Gemma about a month ago. The first 3 weeks were an absolute nightmare. She was jumping up on our 2 young toddlers and biting them and the little ones were very very scared. So it got to the point we felt like we were heamed into our house all day because Gemma was out there dominating the outdoor area. It was a little bit of a nightmare to the point where we thought we might have to get rid of her because it wasn’t going to work with the kids.

Anyway we called Sharon and she came around probably 4 days later. By the first day Gemma wasn’t jumping anymore which was beautiful, she was sitting when we brought her food out and coming to us when we called her which was a huge one because we do live on 3 acres, so getting control of her in that way was a really big deal.

She is now beautiful with the kids, it’s made a huge difference to our family life and now the kids are really enjoying having her around. She is not jumping and scratching their faces any more which was a real concern of ours. She has just become a nice addition to our family.

We are really thankful to Sharon for actually achieving that with us and it’s being a really nice smooth transition and very very easy, very approachable lady so it’s been fantastic!

The DVD is great in regards to new things coming up as she gets older. It’s nice to know that we have that DVD to refer back to. If there is anything else the kids want to train her to do, that’s all taken care of on the DVD. As she gets a little bit older and different things come up, it’s nice to have that reference instead of having to call Sharon out again. Yeah, the DVD is fantastic!