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Sharon worked around my schedule

29 Sep, 2022

Sharon worked around my schedule

September 29, 2022

I just want to say Thank You to Sharon from Success Puppy Training for the way she helped me train our new puppy (Gracey).

With my strange shifts at work, Sharon worked around my work and we were able to train Gracey within a week of my initial phone call.

Sharon arrived to my place on time and we spoke about what I want out of the puppy training and then away we went. Gracey was 10 weeks old when we started training and in 3 days she was coming when called, sitting when asked and semi-staying on the command stay. It took 1 week for Gracey to learn the word STAY when commanded to Stay, it was fantastic. I was so pleased with Sharon’s way of training that I now recommend her to anyone I know with a new puppy. Sharon also helped me with my 1 year old Kelpie Cross (Lilly) who had a few issues with not walking on a lead and not coming when called, by the end of day 3 Lilly was confidently walking beside me on a lead and coming when I called her.

Sharon also left me with a copy of her training video which my daughter and I watched together after the training sessions. The video is very informative and it simply confirms everything that was taught the days of training. Thank You once again Sharon, you have helped me in a huge way with getting our dogs(puppies) to a very obedient and loving nature which is very important to us.