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Recommended by Grant ‘The Paw Man’ TEEBOON

29 Sep, 2022

Recommended by Grant ‘The Paw Man’ TEEBOON

September 29, 2022

I see over 200 dog owners each year, solving their dog’s behavioural problems and in the majority of cases the problems would not have occurred if the dogs owners had correct guidance when they first got their puppy. A correct start with your new puppy is a great way to prevent problems as the dog grows. This Program by Sharon Mills addresses this situation. This Program provides expert guidance in layman’s language in a light and practical way. Sharon’s advice comes from years of experience breeding top quality German Shepherds. It makes so much sense that new puppy owners benefit from someone with years of experience rather than having to make the same mistakes that other first time puppy owners tend to make. This Program is not full of jargon and complex psychology mumbo jumbo, but rather it is delivered in a family friendly manner from Sharon’s own kennel complex. I have known Sharon for many years now and she really has put in the ‘hard yards.’ She too has been very aware of the amount of misinformation out there that causes many new dog owners to make serious errors with the best of intentions.

She covers the critical areas such as the canine mind and how it works. It is very important that the new dog owner understands the mental limitation of their new family member. Trying to discipline a dog like a child is a common error, but with an understanding of the canine mind, you are less likely to make such errors. Sharon will show you simple procedures step-by-step using her own puppies in unrehearsed training sessions. She happily shows the successes and failures that go hand in hand with training dogs.

I whole heartedly recommend this Program.