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He was really disobedient

29 Sep, 2022

He was really disobedient

September 29, 2022

We bought a new puppy named Zorco and he was really disobedient so Mum and Dad called Sharon from Success Puppy Training to help train Zorco to be a better puppy.

And now we can take him for walks in the park without him running off (he will still run off but we can call him back), he won’t jump on the couch and chew things, and he definitely won’t jump on us, he can drop, sit, come, walk on a lead and wait for his dinner (we can put the food down and he waits for the command to eat before he eats).

How long did it take for Zorco to learn all of that? About 2 days! And now he won’t chew on the chairs, chew on anything he is not supposed to and he won’t jump on people.

The DVD gives you lots of good information and tells you what to buy for the puppy, how to train the puppy and it also gives you good insight and knowledge (out of the mouths of babes) for instance, dogs don’t have any logic so they can’t figure things out for themselves so you need to teach them what you mean.

Would you buy the DVD? Yes, it gives you lots of brain juice, it gives you smarticle particles! (Again, out of the mouths of babes).