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He would not do as he was told

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23 Sep, 2014

He would not do as he was told

September 23, 2014

We have just had Sharon here with us. We had a problem with little Harley here, he would not do as he was told, nipping, biting, chewing things. We got Sharon to come out and since the first day he has been excellent, fixed up all his problems. He doesn’t nip, he doesn’t bite, so yeah in such a short period of time the difference from when we first got him till now has been excellent. So yeah, I highly recommend Sharon, she knows her business!

We also stopped Harley from biting my wife’s shoes. She couldn’t take her shoes off after work without Harley tearing into them. After the first day, Sharon showed us how to stop that and he hasn’t nipped or bitten them since. The chewing has stopped, he’s not chewing the handles on the doors and things like that anymore and yes even with his feeding as well, we had problems with that but those problems are gone basically.

He comes when he’s called, that was the other thing, he wouldn’t come but now he recognises his name which is good where before he didn’t. We are quite happy with the situation as it is now.

We watched the DVD, excellent DVD, very informative. It’s a good reference so if you can’t remember everything you can go back to the DVD and know exactly what to do. And it was very informative that DVD, so it’s given us quite a bite of information.