Puppy Training Seminars for New Puppy Owners in Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast

No seminars are currently planned.

Sharon is available to run seminars for your organisation or community!

The Success Puppy Education Seminar, is one where you walk away with the knowledge and insight your puppy needs you to know, so you will get the puppy training results you want.

At a Success Puppy Training Seminar you will learn

  • The #1 mistake most people make when training their puppy – that always leads to failure, heartache and headaches
  • How to train your own puppy – no breed is too hard to train.
  • How to speak your pup’s language – so your pup understands you AND you get the results you want.
  • Why it is better to train your puppy when it is young.
  • The 5 critical stages of your pup’s development.
  • Understanding the “Pack” structure of the dog world and how this impacts on your family.

Contact Sharon if you would like to book her for a puppy training seminar.