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  • Guaranteed – Your puppy trained or your money returned.
  • 3 Full Training Sessions – Consistency is the key and training is thorough from beginning to end.
  • Personal One-on-One Training – Every family is different. With one-on-one training tailored to suit the individual needs of your puppy and your home, it’s a WIN/WIN for everyone!
  • In-house Training (We come to you!) – Training a puppy in their own environment is vital to their quick development and individual problems can be addressed as they arise.
  • Expert Advice – Sharon has 20 years’ experience as a Dog Behavioural Specialist training over 450 puppies.
  • Free Puppy Lead with Every Session!

Success Puppy Training can travel anywhere – By DVD!

  • Success Puppy Training DVDAre you outside of our personal One-on-One training area?
  • Find it difficult to organise puppy training sessions around your work schedule?
  • Desperately need the expert advice of a professional puppy trainer to create a happy, well behaved companion?
  • Want to bond with your puppy and restore peace back into your family home and just don’t know where to start?

No Problem!

  • Sharon’s DVD teaches her personally developed techniques in a practical, positive and no fuss manner.
  • The longer you wait the harder your puppy is to train!


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One on One Training

What is the cost of training?

Or MORE importantly…
What is the cost of NOT training?!

  • Feeling powerless and frustrated?
  • Don’t know how to stop your puppy’s destructive behaviour?
  • Confused and unsure how to handle and communicate with your puppy?
  • Lacking time or the skills to train your puppy on your own?
  • Save your precious time and money!
  • Personally tailored training to suit the individuality of your puppy and the needs of your home.
  • Eliminate the confusion INSTANTLY to avoid future problems.

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Puppy Training Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

When we decided to get a dog trainer to help us with our 8 week old puppy, our family wanted to know why?

We said, “because we want to have a dog that is obedient and obeys what we have to say and is well mannered around other people. So when family and friends come around he is not jumping up and biting them and kids are welcome to come in and around and we feel safe when they are around him. And that’s pretty much all we wanted, for him to be obedient and trustworthy.

When we called you, you were the only one who could actually come to his environment at home and we wanted you to be able to see his habits and help us get him out of those bad habits here which were digging at the fence lines, chewing on the outdoor cushions and barging through the back door whenever it was opened. We wanted you to see firsthand what was happening and it was one on one attention, not an actual dog school where there is one trainer and 5 dogs for instance.

Nitro at 8 weeks old can now sit, he comes when you say come, he can drop, he walks on the lead, he doesn’t dig at the fence any more, he is less bitey at our ankles and toward our faces, he doesn’t jump up any more unless you are crouched down and he comes up for a cuddle and he is waiting at the door even when it is open until he is invited inside and that was all done in three days! So we are really impressed and really happy.

Todd, Bonny and ... Nitro September 29, 2014

The reason I called Sharon was I needed someone to help me train my puppy. The most important thing was “toilet training” and other things like “come and sit and lead training” which I didn’t have a clue about.

About the DVD, I watched both disc’s and it was very helpful, very useful information and helped me a lot. It gave me a good idea of how to look after my puppy from now until she becomes an adult.

It was very helpful, you were very helpful and you taught me a lot of things which I am very grateful for. Thank you!

Arishma and ... Aerial September 29, 2014

We had a 4 month old Border Collie puppy with a few problems. We went to dog obedience and found it didn’t work. We needed one on one training so contacted Sharon.

The problems we were having with our pup were: Beau kept jumping up on people, wanted to be inside all the time and wouldn’t go in his crate at night time and wouldn’t come when called.

Sharon came and helped us correct all our problems and we are very happy with the service. Our dog now stays outside, he doesn’t jump up on people and he comes to us so we would recommend Sharon to anybody.

Sharon gave us the DVD which we watched and we thought it was excellent, we have it as a keep sake to go back to and watch again if we do have any further problems. So the DVD was very good!

Paul, Diane and ... Beau September 29, 2014