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It was just truly amazing to watch

29 Sep, 2022

It was just truly amazing to watch

September 29, 2022

Hi, my name is Catherine and my pup is 9 weeks old. I didn’t want him biting, scratching or jumping as we have a young daughter and another dog. I wanted them to all get along well and be obedient and not cause any damage or chew or do things that they weren’t supposed to do.

So I called Sharon because a friend recommended her and I’m so glad I did. After the first session I was truly amazed at how much my pup wanted to learn and how much he did learn after just a couple of hours. The second and third day, it was just truly amazing to watch, to see that he wants to learn and wants to please you.

Diesel can now sit, stay, come, walk on a lead, he’s also learning to shake hands and he doesn’t jump on the back screen door at all anymore. This is pretty amazing I think as he is now only 10 weeks old.

Regarding the DVD, I would recommend the DVD in conjunction with the one-on-one training because it re-enforces everything that you’ve learnt and you can refer back to it at any stage.

I think the whole thing is completely worth it and I think Sharon has got some amazing experience to share with anybody who’s looking to buy a puppy or bring a puppy home.