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He seems to be a happier dog as well

29 Sep, 2014

He seems to be a happier dog as well

September 29, 2014

Before we called Sharon we had a little Staffy pup about 4 months old but he was quite unruly. He decided that he was going to rule the outside area. He was jumping and scratching the children and hurting them, he was eating the other dogs’ food, he wouldn’t sit, he wouldn’t come, he was chewing everything in sight and basically he was becoming more of a nuisance than part of the family like we wanted.

So we called Sharon to try and get some help and after 3 intensive days of training with him he now sits, comes, waits for a command to eat his food, does not jump on any of the children, he seems to be a much happier dog as well, he’s not as submissive and he no longer rules the patio, we rule the patio again which is great.

I would recommend Sharon’s services to anyone who needs to learn dog obedience, it was very effective!

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